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Investigations launched after 2 plant workers injured

There’s an inherent level of risk that comes with any job. Fortunately, the risk of injury is miniscule in most jobs and positions in Iowa. However, in some occupations, serious injury or even death is a real possibility as workers perform their day-to-day duties. Suffering a debilitating injury affects a person physically, psychologically and emotionally. Luckily, employees who are injured performing the duties of the job can take advantage of workers’ compensation to help them get through this difficult experience. 

Details of an unfortunate accident 

Recently in another state, two plant workers were seriously injured after falling into a tank. According to reports, the two victims were working at a chocolate factory and performing routine maintenance above a large chocolate tank. Reports said the two workers fell into the chocolate tank and had to be rescued 

OSHA investigations ongoing 

The two workers both suffered serious injuries and were rushed to a local. Their current conditions were not reported. The accident prompted an investigation from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to determine how the workers fell and became trapped in the tank. Reports said the agency has six months to investigate and release any findings. 

Sometimes, when a worker is injured on the job, the employer may try to prevent the employee from seeking workers’ compensation benefits. Any employee in Iowa who has suffered an injury while performing his or her job duties can take advantage of workers’ compensation. An experienced legal representative can help those injured begin the process of filing for these benefits.