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Serious injury to postal worker prompts investigations

No person heads into work expecting to be hurt while performing his or her job duties. Unfortunately, this scenario becomes a reality for hundreds of employees every year across the state of Iowa. While it’s true that those in the construction or manufacturing industries have a higher chance of being injured on the job, serious accidents can happen in nearly every occupation. Fortunately, those who are injured while performing their job duties can usually take advantage of workers’ compensation benefits.

Workplace accident

Recently, a postal worker in another state lost his arm in a very serious workplace accident. The man worked as a mechanic in a distribution center for the United States Postal Service. According to reports, the employee came into contact with a machine in the distribution center that resulted in very serious injuries to his arm. Reportedly, the employee’s arm had to be amputated.

OSHA investigation

Apparently, an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) following the accident discovered a safety guard had been removed from the machine and also uncovered other safety violations. The investigation reports said the facility failed to ensure that the required safety guards were in place and also allowed conveyor guards to be frequently removed. Reportedly, the distribution center was cited multiple times and is facing over $170,000 in fines.


Unfortunately, being injured at work is a possibility that the vast majority of employees face every day across the country. However, by contacting a knowledgeable attorney, injured workers in Iowa can get help with filing a workers’ compensation claim. Benefits received from a successful workers’ compensation claim could replace lost wages and provide medical coverage for victims and their families.