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These injuries may not be covered by workers’ compensation

The majority of United States citizens depend on the wages from their jobs to sustain themselves and their families. Every year, thousands of employees suffer injuries that make it impossible for them to work and earn a living. In these instances, injured employees in Iowa can file for workers’ compensation to make up for lost wages as well as provide them with medical coverage. Although it varies from state to state, the majority of injuries that happen while a worker is performing his or her job duties will be covered by workers’ comp. However, there are some injuries that may not qualify for workers’ compensation coverage. 

Very minor injuries 

Injuries that are very minor and can be remedied with a first-aid kit will generally not fall under the scope of injuries that require workers’ compensation. These are usually things like small wounds, scrapes, cuts or a single headache. However, if a worker is exposed to a chemical that causes regular headaches, it may be considered an occupational disease and could warrant a workers’ compensation claim. 

Outside the course of employment 

Injuries that happen outside the general scope of employment usually do not qualify for a workers’ compensation claim. For example, injuries suffered while commuting are considered outside the course of employment and are generally not covered by workers’ comp. Likewise, fighting, horseplay or injuries caused by drugs or alcohol also do not qualify for workers’ compensation. 

Every year, thousands of injured employees across the country take advantage of workers’ compensation benefits to provide for themselves and their loved ones. Any person in Iowa who has questions about workers’ compensation may want to consider discussions with a trust legal representative. A knowledgeable attorney can answer questions and guide clients through the entire process.