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What factors cause SSD benefits to end?

Without a doubt, suffering a debilitating injury can stop life in its tracks. These types of injuries can mean that a person is no longer able to work and provide a living for his or her family. For many disabled Iowa residents, Social Security disability (SSD) benefits are the only income they have to support their families. It is vitally important for those who use SSD benefits to know how this benefit program works.

Social Security disability benefits are earned benefits, meaning a person becomes eligible by earning work credits and paying Social Security taxes. The benefit amount is based on total wages earned and there is no asset limit. Even wealthy individuals can qualify for SSD benefits. However, there are a number of different things that could cause these benefits to end.

SSD benefits are intended for individuals who are not able to work due to their disabilities. Returning to work could jeopardize these benefits and cause them to end. Social Security provides both disability and retirement disability benefits, but the two programs are different. Those who are receiving SSD benefits cannot also get retirement income. So once a person hits retirement age, he or she will stop receiving SSD benefits.

The Social Security Administration has very strict definitions of what it means to be disabled. Those who seek SSD benefits must provide proof and meet the criteria. The processes surrounding Social Security disability benefits can definitely be confusing. Iowa residents who have questions about SSD benefits may want to consider discussions with a legal representative. An experienced attorney can provide clarity and help individuals obtain the benefits that he or she deserves.