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Workers’ compensation: What types of injuries are covered?

Every year, thousands of workers across the United States suffer injuries while performing their job duties. When Iowa workers are unable to work due to job-related injuries, workers’ compensation benefits can be crucial in supporting injured employees and their families. These benefits help injured workers maintain financial health while they recuperate and regain physical health. However, not all injuries are workers’ comp eligible.

There are four basic types of work-related injuries that qualify for workers’ compensation. Any physical injuries suffered while performing job duties are covered. These are the most common types of work injuries and they can include exposure to toxins, loss of hearing caused by the workplace and even repetitive motion type injuries like carpal tunnel. Preexisting conditions that are aggravated or accelerated by the workplace also qualify for workers comp.

Even though some office roles are less physical, they are no less stressful. Psychological injuries or mental strain due to work-related stress or increased duties qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. An example would be a worker who develops mental disabilities because of the demands of the job or harassment from a superior. Also, if an employee suffers an injury on his or her lunch break or any work-sponsored activity, the injury would qualify.

Timing is of the essence when an employee is injured while doing his or her job. Victims should take action at the earliest possibility. Those in Iowa who suffer these types of injuries could benefit by seeking the services of a legal representative. An attorney familiar with the laws surrounding workers’ compensation can provide guidance and help individuals obtain the benefits they deserve.