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Workers’ compensation retaliation claimed in lawsuit

It is common knowledge that losing a job can have significant financial ramifications. However, when a worker loses his or her job due to retaliation, the experience can be emotionally and psychologically traumatic. There are laws at the state and federal levels that prohibit an employer from retaliating against employees who lawfully use their workers’ compensation benefits. Unfortunately, some employers in Iowa may refuse to abide by these laws.

A woman in another state filed a lawsuit over allegations that she was retaliated against for using workers’ compensation benefits. According to the lawsuit, the woman suffered injuries to her knees and wrist while at work and took leave using workers’ compensation disability. After a few months, she was released to go back to work on light duty, the lawsuit said. The plaintiff claims that her employer refused to let her come back and her suggestions to accommodate her work restrictions were ignored.

The lawsuit alleges that the plaintiff applied for several open positions for which she was qualified, but was denied and told by her employer that she could only come back after she had no restrictions. She was eventually told she needed to resign or be fired, the lawsuit asserts. The plaintiff claims that her employer sought to force her out. She accuses her former employer of retaliation, discrimination and failure to accommodate.

In the state of Iowa and across the country, laws prohibit employers from retaliating against workers who lawfully use workers’ compensation benefits. Any worker in Iowa who feels that their rights have been violated may have grounds to take legal action. By filing a lawsuit, victims could obtain much-needed compensation as well as a sense of justice.