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Our legal team knows how to competently pursue SSD benefits

An unexpected injury or illness can strike an Iowan at any given moment. Although some people are able to anticipate the financial predicament they will find themselves in when an existing medical condition worsens, others are taken by surprise. Individuals in both situations can find themselves struggling to make ends meet, particularly when these medical conditions make it impossible for an individual to work.

As worrisome as this situation can be, Iowans should take comfort in knowing that they may be able to receive compensation through the Social Security disability system. Benefits are not guaranteed, though, because before benefits are awarded individuals must prove that they meet certain federal requirements. These requirements pertain to the applicant’s work history, the symptoms posed by the medical condition in question and the impact that condition has on one’s ability to work. Because any one of these elements can be drawn into question, those pursuing a Social Security disability claim should consider seeking legal assistance from a skilled legal professional like those at Schott Mauss & Associates.

We dedicate a significant portion of our practice to helping disabled individuals seek the disability benefits they deserve. This may mean gathering medical documentation and creating legal arguments up front. With that being said, many Iowans don’t turn toward legal help until after their initial SSD claim is denied. Fortunately, claim denials can be appealed, and having an aggressive attorney who knows how the system works can be incredibly beneficial.

Our attorneys know the struggles that disabled individuals face on a daily basis. They also know what it takes to succeed on a disability claim. Since it can take a while to receive an initial adjudication on a claim and to appeal a claim denial, those who have a disability should do everything they can to ensure they have the strongest arguments to support their position from the get-go. This may mean seeking out a competent legal advocate.