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Workers’ Compensation Claims May Be Denied In Bad Faith By Insurance Companies

When you are injured on the job and your employer has workers’ compensation insurance, the insurance company cannot unreasonably delay or deny your benefits. Iowa insurance companies are required to act in good faith and provide benefits in a reasonably prompt manner. If an insurance company fails to accept a valid claim for benefits, unreasonably delays making a coverage determination, or unreasonably delays or denies your worker’s compensation benefits, the insurance company may have acted in bad faith and you may be entitled to damages.

When an insurer fails to act in good faith regarding a workers’ compensation insurance policy, you can bring a bad faith lawsuit against the insurer. Schott, Mauss & Associates in Des Moines is available to evaluate your case and determine whether you have a viable claim against your insurer. We can represent you in pretrial settlement negotiations and/or in state, as needed.

Whatever the facts of your case, our purpose is the same: to protect your rights and fight for your interest. Our workers’ compensation law firm has helped a great many Iowan workers settle the score and go on with their lives by exposing the bad faith actions of insurance companies.

Our Des Moines Law Firm Can Handle Other Bad Faith Insurance Claims, Too

You may have been wronged by an insurer in another set of circumstances, such as after a personal injury or after a natural disaster that damaged your home or property. If an insurer failed to make good on the terms of an insurance policy in Iowa, talk to one of our lawyers and learn how we can pursue justice on your behalf.

Tell Us About Your Bad Faith Case

Has an insurer failed to make good on a workers’ compensation claim or any other legitimate claim for benefits? Contact an attorney at Schott Mauss & Associates by calling 877-649-2760 or by email through this website.