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Appealing Denied Claims

It is discouraging to learn that the Social Security Administration (SSA) has denied your claim for benefits. It is natural to believe your initial application or appeal was denied based on a misinterpretation of your unique situation. Perhaps you believe that important medical records were overlooked, or — even worse — never gathered or obtained in the first place.

Whatever the details of your case, we at Schott Mauss & Associates cannot emphasize this point strongly enough: Please work with a qualified, experienced lawyer to launch an appeal when you have been denied Social Security Disability benefits.

Disability Appeals — Obtain The Disability Benefits You Deserve

You may be tempted to follow instructions in a message from SSA and appeal on your own, or you may think to work with a non-attorney or volunteer organization to appeal. These routes to appeal may be risky. Anything you send to SSA will become part of your permanent file. Any errors you make in the appeal may prove impossible to overcome.

For best results, turn to an attorney who has been successful in appealing disability claims. At Schott Mauss & Associates, we are well-prepared to help you appeal through any of the available means including:

  • A request for reconsideration
  • A formal or informal hearing
  • An appearance before the Appeals Council

We have made it our vocation and life’s work to help Iowans with disabilities obtain benefits they deserve. We have ample experience appealing disability claims at every stage of the process. With decades of experience, we have helped countless individuals overcome denials by successfully appealing denied claims.

Let Us Review Your Case At No Cost

We offer free initial consultations. The attorneys at Schott Mauss & Associates have achieved many favorable outcomes in appeals in and out of court. Call our Des Moines law office at 877-649-2760 or email us today to arrange a time to talk about your denial with one of our experienced attorneys.