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Worker hospitalized after becoming trapped in a trench

On any construction site in Iowa, there are a lot of potential hazards. From tools lying on walkways to heavy machinery, workers face dangers on every job site. Even though injuries are commonplace for those who work in the construction industry, those injured can take advantage of workers’ compensation benefits to keep them financially afloat while they are in recovery.  

Accident details 

Recently, a man working at a residential construction site in another state was seriously injured after a trench collapsed. Apparently, the man working on a water line in the backyard of the home when the trench he was standing in collapsed. Reports said the worker is now hospitalized after becoming trapped chin-deep in the dirt.  

According to reports, the site was not stable enough for large machinery, so rescuers had to use hand tools and buckets to dig the worker out by hand. Reportedly, it took over eight hours to free the man from the trench. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is currently investigating the accident. Records indicated that the same construction company was cited a few years ago after an OSHA investigation found three serious violations. 

Getting help 

Luckily, those who are injured while performing duties that fall within their general scope of employment will be eligible for workers’ comp. Any Iowa resident who has been injured on the job and wants to apply for workers’ compensation benefits could obtain guidance by speaking with a legal professional. An experienced lawyer can answer questions and help victims with the application process.