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What kinds of injuries are covered under workers’ comp?

No employee goes to work thinking that he or she will suffer a debilitating injury while performing duties. Yet, every year, this happens to thousands of workers in Iowa and across the United States. Fortunately, those injured may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits to support them financially while they recover. Here are the main types of injuries that are covered by workers’ compensation. 

Injuries on-the-job 

Physical injuries that a worker suffers while on the job are usually covered by workers’ comp. Examples include hearing loss, broken bones or carpal tunnel. Also, if a worker becomes injured during work breaks or any work-related activities, such as a company picnic, workers’ compensation benefits may apply. 

Physical and mental strain 

Sometimes, the increased demands of a job may result in mental and/or physical strain, which can lead to injuries. For example, a worker may develop disabling emotional issues due to job demands. These types of conditions may be covered by workers’ comp. However, in some states, mental ailments that are caused by anything other than an initial physical injury are omitted from workers’ compensation eligibility.  

When an employee suffers a work-related illness or injury and wants to apply for workers’ comp, he or she should take action as soon as possible. Those in Iowa who are facing this type of scenario could get help by speaking with a knowledgeable legal professional. An attorney familiar with workers’ compensation laws can answer questions and help those injured throughout the claims process.