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Electricians often face many hazards daily

Some industries in Iowa are more hazardous than others. Electricians, for example, often face certain dangers that are not present in many other occupations. A common misconception is that electricians must worry only about electrocution, but this is far from the truth. While the risk of electrocution is always present, there are many other occupational hazards that electricians have to deal with.

Environmental hazards

At nearly every job site, electricians must contend with environmental hazards like lead solder. Also, as electricians are working inside walls and structures, they may encounter cancer-causing asbestos. While asbestos is not as common these days, those who are exposed may need checkups to ensure their lungs are clear. When electricians know they will be exposed to asbestos, they use protective equipment such as respirators.

Repetitive stress hazards

Electricians commonly suffer from repetitive stress because they do the same motions literally thousands of times. Chronic ailments such as abrasions and back strain from continuously pulling heavy wires through conduits are common among electricians. Carpal tunnel syndrome is also routinely seen in electricians.

Electricians are usually well-paid and earn great livings, and rightfully so. They are highly skilled professionals and face many dangers and risks daily. When a worker, regardless of industry, suffers a debilitating injury and is unable to work, it’s likely that the individual will also face financial troubles. Luckily, those in Iowa who suffer a work-related injury can contact a legal representative to learn how to apply for workers’ compensation benefits.