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2 workers suffer amputations, OSHA investigating

Although it’s not the first thing most workers in Iowa think about, the potential for injuries exists in most occupations here. Thankfully, many of those who are injured can utilize workers’ compensation benefits to help them. The purpose of workers’ compensation is to support an injured employee until he or she has recovered from the injury and can work again. In this state, employers are required to keep their workers safe. Unfortunately, not all employers adhere to these requirements.

OSHA investigation launched

Recently, two workers suffered permanent injuries while doing their jobs, which led to investigations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They worked as butchers at a supermarket in another state. Investigations revealed that they were using saws to cut meat and suffered fingertip amputations. According to OSHA, both accidents happened due to unguarded machinery.

OSHA also noted that this supermarket chain has a history of employee injuries and violations that date back almost a decade. As a result of the most recent investigations, OSHA found that the company committed seven willful violations for neglecting to guard machinery. Reportedly, the company could face over $1 million in penalties.

How victims can get help

A work-related injury can be stressful and certainly painful. Workers in Iowa who have been injured on the job know that they must do what is necessary to protect themselves and their families. By speaking with a qualified and experienced workers’ compensation attorney, victims can obtain much-needed guidance and learn how to apply for workers’ comp benefits.