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How to know if applying SSD benefits is the right move

Iowa residents who suffer a debilitating injury and are no longer able to work may be wondering how they are going to financially support themselves and their families. Luckily, those who have become disabled can apply for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits for financial assistance. Every year, thousands of Americans apply for these benefits, but only a portion of applicants are approved. For those who have become disabled, these questions could help determine if applying for SSDI benefits is necessary. 

Is the condition bad enough to prevent working for one year? 

The Social Security Disability Insurance program is a total disability program. This means that financial aid is only issued to those who are considered to be 100% disabled. Applicants must be able to show that their condition is severe enough to keep them out of work for at least one year. Even if someone feels as if he or she is disabled, the Social Security Administration can deny the claim if the individual is able to go back to work in less than 12 months. 

Does work history qualify for SSDI? 

An individual must have earned “insured” status from the SSA to be eligible for SSDI. For an applicant to be approved for benefits, he or she must have paid a certain amount of taxes into the system. This is usually dependent on the person’s age and the number of years that individual has worked. If an applicant has not contributed enough taxes into the system, the applicant won’t qualify for SSDI benefits. 

Around 65% of first-time applicants are rejected, so being denied for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits is not uncommon. Gaining knowledge about why a claim was denied will help an individual increase the odds of a successful appeal. Those in Iowa who have questions or want to know more about obtaining SSDI benefits could gain clarity by speaking with a trusted legal representative. An experienced attorney can guide clients through the application process and help to file an appeal for those who are denied.