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What are the most common types of workplace injuries?

Thousands of employees in Iowa go to work each day facing potential dangers and risks in the workplace. Workplace injuries can occur at any time and without warning. Fortunately, when employees suffer injuries in the workplace, they can file for workers’ compensation insurance to help pay for medical care and provide them with benefits while they recover. Here are some of the most common types of injuries seen in the workplace. 


Lacerations or deep cuts in the skin can happen in just about any industry. These types of injuries are common in manufacturing, machine shops and food production industries. To help avoid cuts or lacerations, employees should keep work areas clean, never leave equipment unattended and always wear appropriate safety gear. 


Fractures and broken bones are often caused by forced trauma or overuse. Fractures can be debilitating and are most common in occupations that involve manual labor and exposure to heavy machinery. Ergonomics and proper training can help to prevent fractures and similar injuries to employees. 


Burn injuries are most often seen in manufacturing or production jobs, but they are common in restaurants as well. The potential for burn injuries exists any time heat sources acids or bases are present in the workplace. Burns can also happen internally when a worker inhales chemical fumes or smoke. 

While no one truly expects to suffer an injury while working, it happens to thousands of workers every year. Whenever an employee in Iowa is injured on the job, he or she can begin the workers’ compensation filing process by contacting a legal representative who is experienced in workers’ compensation matters. A knowledgeable attorney can answer difficult questions and help those injured obtain the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve.