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Knowing when to file for workers’ compensation

Most Iowa residents seek employment to provide financial support and benefits such as health insurance for their families and loved ones. However, what happens when an employee suffers an injury on the job and can no longer work? Luckily, employees in the state of Iowa have the option to file for workers’ compensation so that they can still have income and other benefits during this difficult time. So, when should an injured employee file for workers’ compensation? 

Do not delay 

An employee can file a claim for workers compensation benefits as soon as he or she is injured at work or develops a work-related illness. In fact, the employee should report the injury or illness and start the filing process as soon as possible. Any delay in reporting an injury could potentially allow a workers’ compensation insurance carrier to deny the claim. A significant amount of time between when the injury happened and when it was reported can be a red flag for an insurance carrier. 

Initiating a claim 

Initiating a workers’ comp claim involves notifying the employer of the work-related injury or illness and then filing a formal claim. Also, an employer notification of an injury or illness should be made as soon as possible. The document should include details of the incident like time, date, the place it happened and how the injury occurred. If the injury was the result of a specific workplace accident, employees can also provide a list of witnesses. 

Although filing for workers’ comp is a pretty regular occurrence, it can be fairly complex and very confusing. Employees in Iowa who are injured at work and want to know more about filing for workers’ compensation benefits could benefit by contacting a legal representative. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney can answer difficult questions and help those affected get started with the filing process.