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Construction jobs are some of the most dangerous

The construction industry is one of the most dangerous professions in which to work. According to a recent report from OSHA, there were over 3,000 construction deaths in 2019 across the United States. Fortunately, workers’ compensation insurance covers employees in Iowa who are injured in workplace accidents. Thankfully, construction safety has improved by leaps and bounds. Here are the most common ways workers are injured on construction sites. 

Large object impacts 

Workers being struck by large objects accounts for about 10 percent of all construction site fatalities. The misuse of heavy equipment like cranes, vehicles and forklifts contribute to many of these incidents. In order to prevent these types of accidents, employees should never operate equipment and heavy machinery without first receiving the proper training.  


Falls make up over a third of all construction site injuries and deaths. Many falls on construction sites happen due to unstable or slick working surfaces. Unsafe use of scaffolding or ladders are also a cause of many accidents. To prevent falls, ensure that work surfaces are stable and have sufficient traction. Also make sure that scaffolds and ladders are stable, properly sized and meet the required safety standards. 

Statistically, more serious and fatal injuries happen in construction work than any other sector in the country. Learning the type of hazards to look out for can help prevent injuries and deaths. However, some accidents in construction work are unavoidable. Workers in Iowa who are injured in a workplace accident could begin the workers’ compensation filing process by contacting an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.