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Plant in Iowa cited and fined for workplace accident

Whether a person works in an office or on a construction site, virtually every type of employment comes with certain dangers and risks. Without a doubt, suffering an illness or injury can affect an individual’s ability to earn a living. Every year, millions of workers across the United States suffer work-related injuries and illnesses. In the state of Iowa, employers are required to adhere to certain health and safety regulations to protect their employees.

Iowa plant investigated

Recently, a meat and poultry plant in Iowa was investigated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and given multiple citations. Reportedly, an explosion at a dock in the facility earlier in the year injured two workers and prompted the OSHA investigation. Reports said a worker was operating a forklift on the dock and, according to the investigation findings, debris and ice caused the worker to back onto a propane tank and generate an explosion.

OSHA fines

Reports said the owners and operators of the plant were cited a total of four times by Iowa OSHA. The largest of the fines was nearly $12,000 for the various dirt, ice and debris on surfaces. In Iowa, employers are required to keep walking and working surfaces free of hazards. In another citation, the company was fined nearly $10,000 for failing to ensure that industrial truck operators slowed down when on slippery and wet floors, reports said.

In many instances of work-related injuries, the accidents can be attributed to the negligence of an employer. Those in Iowa who have been injured at work are typically entitled to compensation. By consulting an attorney familiar with the laws surrounding workers’ compensation, those injured can obtain much-needed guidance to help them get the benefits they deserve.