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The first steps to filing a workers’ compensation claim

A person’s job is an imperative part of his or her life. For employees across the country, their jobs and careers are how they provide for themselves and their loved ones. When an injury prevents an employee from working, it can cause that person to feel financially and emotionally overwhelmed. Fortunately, those in Iowa who can no longer work due to a workplace illness or injury can file for workers’ compensation to provide them with financial relief and other benefits. Here’s how to get started with filing a claim.

Report the injury

The requirements surrounding workers’ compensation claims vary from state to state. However, in nearly all states, the first step in filing for workers’ compensation benefits is to report the occupational injury or illness to the employer. For most states, the deadline to report the injury or illness is 30 days or so. However, it is important to inform the employer of the illness or injury as soon as possible.

Filing a claim

Once the injury is reported, the employer should give the employee the necessary forms to complete. The employer will submit the forms to the state workers’ compensation agency as well as its insurance company and the state workers’ compensation agency. In some states, this qualifies as the official start to filing a workers’ compensation claim. In other states, however, the employee will also need to submit an official workers’ compensation claim form to the state workers’ compensation agency at the beginning of his or her case.

It goes without saying that filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits can be a complicated experience. Those in Iowa who have suffered a workplace illness or injuries and need help with filing a workers’ compensation claim may want to consider consulting an experienced attorney. A legal representative can answer questions and guide individuals through the claims process.