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Construction worker severely injured in workplace accident

Some of the most dangerous jobs in the United States these days are in the construction industry. Those who work in the construction field in Iowa risk their safety and, many times, put their lives on the line to improve infrastructure across the state. Construction workers often work at excessive heights and underground, as well as in and around heavy machinery. Unfortunately, construction workers are some of the most injured. Luckily, employees who suffer job related injuries in the state of Iowa can take advantage of workers’ compensation benefits.

Construction site accident

Recently, a construction worker in another state suffered severe injuries in an unfortunate accident at his work site. According to reports, the worker was getting ready to leave the rain-soaked job site when he suddenly heard a crack over his head. Reportedly, several trusses gave way and piled on top of the man, pinning him to the ground and badly injuring his spine.

Permanent injuries

Reports said the man drifted in and out of consciousness for about an hour before being freed. He was rushed to a local hospital and underwent emergency neurosurgery later that night. The man said he is thankful to be alive. According to his family, it is unclear whether the man will ever be able to walk again.

Due to the nature of construction work, injuries and fatalities will unfortunately happen. Those in Iowa who have suffered injuries or the loss of a loved one in a workplace accident could begin the workers’ compensation claims process by speaking with a seasoned legal representative. A knowledgeable attorney can provide legal guidance and help victims and family members seek the benefits they deserve.