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Workers’ compensation death benefits can be a big help

According to recent statistics, workplace injuries claim the lives of over 4,000 American workers every single year. Most Iowa residents are familiar with the term “workers’ compensation” and are aware that it can provide benefits for those who are injured at work or suffer work-related illnesses. However, some people may not be aware that there are also workers’ compensation death benefits available for certain family members of deceased workers. Although nothing can replace a loved one, workers’ compensation death benefits may help ease the pain and financial burden that comes with losing a dear family member to a work accident or illness. 

Tragic workplace accident 

Recently, a worker at a manufacturing facility in another state died in a tragic workplace accident prompting an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. According to reports, the employee was working to repair a 50-ton hoist on a crane. Reports said the man was helping guide a heavy steel cable onto a hoist drum when he became caught in a crane trolley’s drive shaft and was killed. 

OSHA investigation 

Federal inspectors with OSHA launched an investigation soon after the incident. Reportedly, their findings concluded that the accident could have been prevented. The investigation reports said that the employer failed to ensure a safe work environment and failed to ensure workers were removed from the crane or out of its path while it was being operated.  

The company could end up having to pay almost $90,000 and take the appropriate corrective actions. Whenever a worker in Iowa is killed while performing his or her job duties, the surviving spouse or other close relative may want to consult an attorney experienced in workers’ compensation matters as soon as possible. A knowledgeable lawyer can advise survivors about what benefits and/or other legal recourse may be available and guide them throughout the claims process.