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What are the first steps in filing for workers’ compensation?

As the cost of living keeps going up, the majority of Iowa residents need secure, full-time jobs to make ends meet. Unfortunately, when employees suffer injuries, they may no longer be able to work and provide a living for their families. This happens to thousands of workers across the United States every year. Thankfully, most full-time employees in Iowa can submit a workers’ compensation claim to access benefits that can replace lost wages and cover most medical expenses.

Getting started

For employees who want to file a workers’ compensation claim after suffering a work-related injury, the first thing to do is notify the employer of the incident. Technically, workers have up to 90 days to inform employers. However, it is best to let an employer know about the incident as soon as possible.

Employer requirements

After being notified, the employer has to complete a written report about the injury or incident. This written report is taken to the employer’s insurance provider, along with medical verification.

Employers are also required to complete a first report of injury form that has to be filed with the workers’ compensation commissioner within four days after initial notification of the incident. To have the best chance at a successful claim, workers need to be sure to comply with all appropriate filing requirements.

Without a doubt, the workers’ compensation filing process can get rather complex and complicated. Employees in Iowa who suffer a work-related injury and want to know more about filing for workers’ compensation benefits should consider contacting an experienced legal representative. A knowledgeable attorney will take the time to learn about a person’s specific situation and develop a plan to support his or her claim.