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Farm employee allegedly dies while working in extreme heat

In the state of Iowa, thousands of people work in dangerous and hazardous occupations. In these types of high-risk work environments, death is not out of the question. Employees who work in these fields are aware of the risks, but no person truly expects to be killed on the job. Nothing can replace a loved one, but when an employee dies while performing his or her job, surviving family members may be eligible for workers’ compensation death benefits to help them through such a tragic experience.

Workplace death

Recently, a farm worker died while performing his job duties, prompting an investigation from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The man worked at a farm in another state. According to reports, the man was working on a crew that was replacing irrigation lines. Reports said the man was found unresponsive in the field at the end of his shift. Apparently, the area had been experiencing record high temperatures that day.

OSHA investigation

Records indicate that the man died from heat-related causes. The state in which the man was employed has workplace rules regarding heat. These rules include special training, the need for water, rest and shade. OSHA is investigating the incident to determine if health and safety standards were violated by the man’s employer.

Tragically, injuries and deaths will inevitably happen when employees work in high-risk environments. Those in Iowa who have lost a loved one due to a workplace accident may want to consider consulting an experienced legal representative. A knowledgeable attorney can answer difficult questions and help family members through the process of filing for workers’ compensation death benefits.