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Do you qualify for SSD benefits?

When you have a health condition that prevents you from being able to work, life can become challenging in many aspects. Especially if you had been a primary provider for your Iowa family, not being able to work might have caused an immediate financial strain. The U.S. government provides Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits to people who meet the qualifications. SSD insurance is a tax-funded program. 

The Social Security Administration (SSA) oversees the SSD insurance program. If you have a medically determinable disability that restricts your ability to work, you might qualify for monthly benefits to help make ends meet at home.  

How long were you at the same job before your disability occurred? 

One of the eligibility requirements for SSD benefits states that you must have worked at the same job for more than 12 months in order to qualify. If you reach the age of retirement while collecting SSD benefits, you may continue to receive the monthly amount, but your case will convert to the retirement benefits program rather than SSD insurance. You can continue to collect SSD benefits until you’re able to return to work. 

What type of disability do you have? 

The SSD insurance program maintains a list of approved conditions regarding disabilities that qualify for benefits. If you have a partial disability because of an injury or illness, your condition may not qualify. Regulations state that a person must have a full, long-term disability to be eligible for benefits.  

If a doctor has issued a prognosis stating that your disability will likely last more than one year or that your condition is terminal, you may qualify for benefits, providing that you meet the other requirements. If your particular condition is not on the list of approved disabilities, officials will review your case to determine if you qualify.  

What if you are able to work? 

The SSA might disqualify you from eligibility for SSD benefits if you’re able to work and are earning more than $1,310 per month. Under these conditions, the program would not consider you disabled.  

Also, if your condition prevents you from doing the work you had been doing in the past before becoming disabled, but you’re able to do other types of work, you might not qualify for SSD benefits. The SSD program also provides benefits to widows or widowers of a worker covered by SSD insurance, as well as children with disabilities and wounded military veterans.