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Those who are injured at work can file for workers’ compensation

Getting hurt at work is often the last thing an employee expects to happen. Suffering a debilitating injury while on the job can be devastating for any worker in Illinois. If a person is unable to work, he or she may be unable to pay basic living expenses, which can throw any budget out of whack. Fortunately, workers who are injured in a workplace accident may be able to collect workers’ compensation benefits to sustain them until they are healthy enough to return to work.

Iron worker injured

Recently in another state, an iron worker was critically injured in an unfortunate workplace accident. The man worked as a yard rigger and his job duties included lifting and moving materials throughout a shipyard. According to the local machinists’ union, the worker’s injuries were some of the worst it had ever seen.

When the accident occurred, reports said co-workers, safety personnel and emergency services took action and provided immediate medical attention. Reportedly, the man has gone through several surgeries and procedures since the tragic accident. The man’s employer said they are working to provide help to the employee and his family and are also working to understand what caused the accident to ensure it does not happen in the future.

Workers’ compensation can be a lifesaver

Although no one expects to suffer an injury while at work, it is a fact of life that accidents are going to happen. Even employees in seemingly low-risk positions can suffer work-related illnesses or injuries. Fortunately, most workers have access to workers’ compensation to provide income and benefits throughout this challenging time. Those in Iowa who have suffered a workplace injury and want to know how to access workers’ compensation benefits may want to contact a legal representative. A seasoned and knowledgeable attorney can provide guidance and help those injured obtain the maximum amount of benefits possible.