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Helpful information about workers’ compensation insurance

The benefits that come with a full-time job are wonderful and are the reason that many Iowa citizens seek employment. Of these benefits, workers’ compensation insurance is one of the most advantageous. Workers’ compensation insurance provides medical benefits and wage replacement to eligible employees who suffer a workplace injury or illness. The following information may be helpful to those who want to learn more about workers’ compensation benefits.

Medical Benefits

All workers in the state of Iowa who suffer an injury or illness on the job have the right to immediate medical treatment of the ailment. Worker’s compensation medical benefits will pay for the medical treatment of an occupational illness or injury. Fortunately, there is no maximum limit for these medical benefits.

Types of Disability Benefits

There are four basic types of workers’ compensation disability benefits. These are temporary total, temporary partial, permanent total and permanent partial. Temporary total benefits are when an employee is completely disabled by an injury and not able to work temporarily, with temporary partial meaning an employee is partially disabled by a short-term injury. Permanent total disability is when an employee sustains a permanent injury that can’t be cured so the employee is not able to earn future income. Permanent partial disability happens when a worker suffers a permanent injury that prevents the employee from earning as much income as he or she earned before the injury.

Workers’ compensation benefits protect thousands of employees in Iowa. Those who have questions about workers’ compensation benefits should consider contacting a legal representative. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney can answer questions and help individuals obtain the benefits they deserve.