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No employee should endure retaliation for using workers’ compensation

Full-time employees in the state of Iowa have many wonderful benefits. Workers’ compensation is one of these benefits that can help employees recover from debilitating workplace injuries. In essence, worker’s compensation is a form of insurance that can provide wage replacement and pay for the medical bills of injured workers. However, sometimes employers may retaliate against employees who rightfully use workers’ compensation. When this happens, the affected employee has the right to take legal action.

A worker in another state claimed he was fired for using workers’ compensation and he filed a lawsuit. The man worked as a product engineer for a mattress company. According to the lawsuit, the man was asked to take on the duties of another employee, which caused him much stress and fatigue. The lawsuit said the man was at a company event tearing down mattresses and he suffered an occupational injury, which prompted him to file a workers’ compensation claim.

Allegedly, the man’s psychiatrist and physician determined that he was fully disabled for nearly three months. Upon returning to work, the plaintiff claimed his employer threatened to fire him citing poor job performance. Not long after this threat, the man was terminated, the lawsuit said. The plaintiff claimed his termination was in retaliation for using workers’ compensation.

It goes without saying that losing a job can have significant financial impacts. However, when a person is fired in retaliation for rightfully using benefits, the experience can be traumatic. Workers in Iowa who have faced retaliatory acts for lawfully using workers’ compensation can take action by consulting an experienced attorney. A successfully litigated lawsuit could result in monetary damages to help with mental anguish and recover lost wages.