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Investigation prompted after construction injuries

Suffering a debilitating injury at work can have major consequences. For many Iowans, their job is their livelihood. Without a way to earn a living, a person will have no way to provide for his or her family. Fortunately, the majority of employees in the United States have access to workers’ compensation insurance that will provide medical and financial support in the event of a workplace injury.

Recently, two men in another state suffered injuries while working on an overpass, which led to an investigation by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The men worked for a construction company and were working on a bridge over an interstate highway. According to reports, the two were removing some bracing that connected two outer bridge beams when one of the beams apparently became twisted when the support was removed. This reportedly caused the platform they were standing on to fall to the roadway below.

Reports said both men suffered serious injuries and were taken to a local hospital for treatment. Work on the project was stopped and the interstate off-ramps were closed for a few hours while the site was cleaned and made safe for traffic, reports said. Along with the OSHA investigation, local authorities are also looking into the incident.

Obviously, no one wants to get injured while working, but accidents are going to happen. Although construction workers are in high-risk positions, even those who work in an office can suffer an injury at work. Those in Iowa who have been injured on the job and want to know more about workers’ compensation and how to file a claim could benefit by consulting an experienced legal representative.