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Workers’ compensation: Employee allegedly fired after suffering injury

Being fired from a job can be a very difficult experience to endure. For many employees, a job is about more than just earning a wage. Unfortunately, losing employment often means families have to go without an income and/or health insurance. Employers in California are required by law to offer workers’ compensation insurance to cover employees who have to miss work due to job-related injuries. Sometimes, employers will retaliate against workers who take medical leave or utilize workers’ compensation benefits.

A recently filed lawsuit alleges that an employee of a restaurant in Glendale was fired after being injured on the job and taking leave. According to the lawsuit, the employee was hired last year as a dishwasher. The plaintiff claims that part of his daily duties included unloading about 40 large, heavy boxes of food supplies, trash and pots from delivery trucks. Allegedly, the man accidentally dropped one of these heavy boxes on his left foot.

As a result, the plaintiff was hospitalized for a long time and had to have one of his left toes amputated, the lawsuit asserts. The man claims he was soon fired because he was injured and took medical leave. It is claimed that the restaurant never had workers’ compensation insurance to cover the injured employee, which is a violation of California law. The plaintiff seeks nearly $10 million in damages.

Employers in California must offer workers’ compensation to protect employees who are unable to work due to work-related illness or injury. Employers who refuse to offer workers’ compensation or retaliate against employees who rightfully use these benefits are breaking the law. By contacting an experienced attorney who has knowledge of employment laws, victims could obtain much-needed compensation through a successfully litigated lawsuit.