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Social Security Disability: Here’s what you should know

If you have a condition or injury that has prevented you from being able to return to your Iowa workplace, you have no doubt experienced stress or worry about the future. How will you make ends meet? How can you provide for your family? What will happen to you financially if you’re not able to keep gainful employment?

The federal government has a Social Security Disability program that provides benefits for people in similar situations as yours. There are numerous eligibility requirements you must satisfy before applying for this type of financial assistance. Navigating a complex application system can be frustrating and confusing. It’s always best to learn as much as you can ahead of time, so you know what to expect. It’s also helpful to know where to seek additional support to help you overcome any obstacles that might arise in the application process.

Make sure you’re eligible

One of the first things you must prove as an applicant for Social Security Disability benefits is that you have suffered a total disability. This means that you have a condition that prevents you from being able to do the type of work you used to do. It also means that your condition would impede your ability to adapt to a new type of work. You must also have proof that your condition is likely to last a year or longer or that it is terminal.

Other important issues

The length of time you worked and how recent your last job was as well as how much you paid into the Social Security system are additional factors of consideration that help determine if you’re eligible for SSD benefits.

Who else might be eligible for SSD benefits?

As a widow or widower with a disability, you might also qualify for SSD benefits. In certain cases, children with disabilities may qualify for benefits under their parent’s or legal guardian’s SSD insurance. If you are military service member who was wounded, you may also be able to apply for benefits.

Amount of income you receive

If you plan to apply for Social Security Disability benefits in Iowa, you should understand that the U.S. government will determine the amount of income you’re eligible to receive through system of calculations that includes a review of your 35-year work history. However, you may not have worked 35 calculable years according to the SSDI standards.

You can figure out the number of years for which you’re eligible by subtracting 22 years from your current age. There are additional steps to take to determine the exact amount of income you would receive. To avoid confusion, it helps to seek support from someone who is well-versed in SSD laws and regulations who can help you overcome any legal obstacles that may arise.