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A few tips about workers’ compensation

The primary reason most Iowa residents seek employment is to provide financial support for themselves and their loved ones. Every year, thousands of people across the country suffer injuries that prevent them from working. How can a person earn a living if he or she can no longer work due to illness or injury? Fortunately, most employees in Iowa and across the country can file for workers’ compensation to help with lost wages and medical expenses. Here are a few things to know when utilizing workers’ compensation benefits.

When filing a workers’ compensation claim to an employer, always make sure the employer submits the claim appropriately. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for employers to ignore claims in an effort to avoid paying extra expenses. Another avoidance tactic an employer may use is sending an employee to his or her own medical physician in hopes that the employer won’t have to pay medical costs that are covered under workers’ compensation benefits. Always follow up with an employer after claim submission.

After an injured employee receives medical treatment, the workers’ compensation insurance company will sometimes send the claimant a brief summary along with a check in an attempt to close the case. This is often a tactic used by insurance companies to avoid further liability. The injured worker has a right for his or her primary care physician to provide a higher rating at the cost of the insurance company. Also, if an injury qualifies as a “body as a whole” injury, the amount the insurance company sends in the check may only be a small amount of what the claimant is entitled to.

Fortunately, those in Iowa who need legal assistance regarding workers’ compensation claims are not required to have the money needed to hire a lawyer. Many attorneys in Iowa who handle workers’ compensation cases use a contingency fee. This means those who seek legal representation don’t owe a fee until a settlement is reached or a case is won. Those who have questions about workers’ compensation claims are encouraged to consult an experienced attorney.