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Falls shoud be easy workplace injuries to prevent

Falls continue to be one of the biggest dangers to those who make a living in construction continues. The problem is that workplace injuries due to falls are largely preventable. With the proper safety measures in place, fewer construction workers here in Iowa and elsewhere should suffer serious or deadly injuries.

Authorities in one Iowa county are investigating the death of a 56-year-old construction worker that occurred on a recent Thursday morning. He was working atop some scaffolding on one of Interstate 80’s bridges. As he worked on that river bridge, he fell approximately 30 feet.

When Polk County police and other emergency responders arrived at the scene near mile marker 133, they discovered the man suffered a head injury. He was rushed to a hospital in the area, but it was too late. He succumbed to his injuries shortly after arrival.

As part of the investigation into this tragedy, officials will undoubtedly be ascertaining whether the proper safety measures were taken and the victim’s employer provided the proper safety gear to those working on this particular job site. Construction companies are obligated to follow certain laws, rules and regulations regarding safety as any other company in any other industry. Of course, accidents can still happen even under the best of circumstances, but any violations by the company will come to light.

In the meantime, the family of the victim will need to find a way forward without their loved one. The financial impact of his death could be devastating to surviving family members of those who lose loved ones to deadly workplace injuries. One avenue they may pursue for some financial restitution is through Iowa’s workers’ compensation system. There could be other avenues of financial recovery as well, but it would not hurt to explore what benefits the family could receive through workers’ compensation.