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With work-related injuries, can I get a workers’ comp settlement?

When an Iowa worker suffers workplace injuries, workers’ compensation benefits can help them with their medical expenses, lost wages and more. These injuries can happen in any kind of job and have a negative effect of the person’s life for an extended period. While workers who have been injured will want to maximize their benefits, there are cases in which there might be a disagreement as to the extent of the injuries, how much treatment the person needs and how long they will be off the job. In such instances, a settlement may be a wise step.

Understanding the types of settlements available is essential toward making that decision. A full commutation means that the person will receive a lump sum for any benefits he or she might have gotten in the future. When there is a full commutation, the employee can no longer get any other benefits for that injury. The employer must show that there is a specific need for it, and it serves the worker’s best interests. A partial commutation pays part of the future benefits the worker is entitled to, but it does not stop any future rights to benefits.

In some cases, there will be an agreement for settlement. The worker and the insurer can agree as to how much will be paid. Once it is filed and approved, it does not stop the employee from having future rights to receive medical benefits. A compromise settlement can settle a dispute as to whether the employee has the right to benefits at all. Once there is a compromise, the worker no longer has the right to get benefits for that injury. The workers’ compensation commissioner will still determine if the employee has the right to medical benefits in the agreement.

Workers who are concerned that their case might be denied or they will not get the amount of benefits they believe they will need for their injuries can accept a settlement to make certain they receive a certain level of coverage. This can be a difficult decision, but those whose injuries are in dispute should think about settling the claim.