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State cited for safety violations at psychiatric hospitals

There are a number of dangerous professions here in Iowa. Many of the workers in these occupations could suffer an injury that could drastically affect their lives. A workplace injury can result in extensive medical expenses at a time when an individual is unable to earn a paycheck. These lost wages can exacerbate one’s financial troubles, leaving them on unsteady footing.

Sadly, employers who fail to implement proper safety precautions often put employees at risk. This may be the case for many workers at state-run psychiatric hospitals. According to reports, the Iowa Department of Human Services, which is in charge of operating these institutions, was recently slapped with nearly $73,000 in fines due to a number of workplace safety violations.

Those violations encompass numerous areas of the hospitals’ operations. Some hospitals were found to have inadequate response plans to deal with violent outbursts from patients, while others had staffing levels that were inadequate to ensure worker safety. Some hospital employees were improperly trained on the use of safety shields, and other institutions were found to have poor communication practices. Sadly, these violations may have contributed to a number of worker injuries in recent months.

Recovering from a workplace injury can be difficult, whether those injuries are physical or emotional. Fortunately, individuals who have been harmed at work may qualify for workers’ compensation. Successfully recovering workers’ compensation benefits can be tricky, especially given that many initial claims are denied for a variety of reasons. Therefore, Iowans who have suffered an on-the-job injury may want to consider speaking with a legal professional who can help them develop a strategy that maximizes their chances of recovering benefits.