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Iowa firm adept at handling children’s disability claims

Learning that your child has a disability can be heartbreaking. Parents in this situation often struggle with the fact that their children will not be able to live what they once considered a normal life. It may be challenging for these children to perform daily tasks, and they sometimes need extensive medical treatment or rehabilitative services. This means that while parents struggle with the emotional aspect of witnessing their child struggle with a disability, there are also very real financial ramifications, too.

Fortunately, the Social Security disability and Supplemental Security Income programs may provide relief. These governmental programs recognize a number of disabling conditions in children and, if an individual meets federal requirements, then compensation may be recoverable. These benefits can be a financial lifesaver for parents and the children who are confronted with a disability.

Although these programs provide a lot of hope, those who apply for their benefits are not automatically approved. In fact, in far too many cases, families see their claims denied for a variety of reasons. This is why it is often critical to work closely with a skilled legal advocate when initiating a claim or appealing a denial. A competent legal team, like the one at Schott Mauss & Associates, will know how to build compelling legal arguments that seek to meet the elements of a successful claim.

Our firm devotes a significant portion of its practice to seeking SSD and SSI benefits for families coping with the onset of a disability. We take pride in our record of successfully recovering these benefits, which often provides families with the financial relief they need to secure appropriate treatment and stability that allows them to live as full a life as possible. Those who would like to learn more about our firm and what we have to offer our clients can visit our website.