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Animal processing workers susceptible to workplace injuries

It almost goes without saying that the agricultural industry is at the heart of Iowa’s economy. Politicians and other public figures often praise Iowa’s farmers, shedding light on the important work they perform. Yet, something that is kept more in the dark is the danger that is often seen by those who work in this industry.

Take, for example, those who work in animal slaughtering and processing. These individuals typically work on processing lines where knives, hooks, and saws move at a high rate of speed. While this type of work can result in repetitive motion injuries, it can also lead to amputations and death. In fact, between 2015 and 2018, one worker every other day became so injured that they required hospitalization. Additionally, nearly 10 people in this profession die each year due to work related injuries and illnesses. These statistics are staggering, but they don’t even take into account workers who suffer comparatively minor, albeit life-altering, injuries that prevent them from working.

Some people attribute these injuries and deaths to the speed at which work is to be performed on animal processing lines. The fact of the matter is that too many of these workers are injured in ways that leave them unable to work and provide for their families. This is unacceptable, which is why those who have been affected by these injuries should pursue workers’ compensation benefits.

Successfully pursuing workers’ compensation benefits means that an injured worker secures the financial resources they need to stay afloat while focusing on reclaiming their health and returning to work. The workers’ compensation claims process isn’t always easy, though. In fact, claims are often denied for a variety of reasons. It is, therefore, beneficial for injured workers to consult with an attorney of their choosing to increase their chance of successfully securing the resources they need.