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SSD benefits for those with Parkinsonian syndrome

Being diagnosed with a serious medical condition can deliver a severe emotional blow. As these individuals struggle to cope with the reality of their conditions and seek ways to plan for their futures, they may also find it challenging to work. When their injury or illness leaves them unable to work and their condition is expected to last for a significant period of time or result in death, then they may be deemed disabled by the government, meaning that they might be able to qualify for Social Security disability benefits. The government assesses every condition differently for SSD benefits purposes, though, which is why Iowans need to understand exactly how they can qualify for benefits under their particular medical situation.

Parkinsonian syndrome, which derives from Parkinson’s disease, is recognized by the Social Security Administration as a disabling condition. Before it can be deemed as such, though, a claimant for SSD benefits must prove that he or she meets certain requirements. To start, the individual must have sought treatment for at least three consecutive months. If, despite that treatment, the individual still suffers form impaired motor function in at least two extremities that causes extreme limitations, then he or she may be deemed disabled. This is often evidenced by showing challenges related to standing, balancing and using one’s arms.

There is another way to qualify under this condition. To do so, an individual must show three months of treatment and noticeable physical limitation in addition to one of a number of other deficiencies. These other limitations include trouble understanding and remembering information, socializing and interacting with others, concentrating and taking care of oneself.

Proving disability for SSD benefits purposes may sound easy enough, but it can actually be relatively complicated. It is not unusual for a person’s initial claim to be denied, which is why some choose to work with a skilled legal professional when pursing a claim.