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On-the-job head injuries can end careers

On Behalf of | Aug 15, 2019 | Uncategorized

Suffering an injury at work can cause many complications, both for the injured worker and for those who rely on them. This is particularly true when a worker suffers a head injury, which can cause many symptoms that impact their professional and personal lives. Unfortunately, head injuries do not always cause pain or other obvious symptoms when the injury occurs, and the symptoms may not arise for days or weeks.

If you recently suffered a head injury on the job, your employer may discourage you from seeking workers’ compensation, or the insurer providing coverage may attempt to dismiss your claim. Head injuries can impact workers in many ways and deserve direct medical treatment just like any other injury. Be sure to build a strong workers’ compensation claim to keep your rights in Iowa protected while you work toward a full recovery from your injury.

Symptoms of a head injury

Even a relatively minor blow the head can cause a mild traumatic brain injury. These injuries may create many different symptoms, and no two victims’ experiences with these symptoms may be exactly the same.

However, common symptoms significantly impact work life and personal relationships, and should receive professional care. These symptoms may include:

  • Difficulty concentrating on familiar or simple tasks
  • Volatile behavior or outbursts during periods of frustration
  • Difficulty understanding text
  • Misinterpreting conversations with colleagues, friends and family

Mild brain injuries may not cause physical pain, but they often cause changes in personality and make it hard to avoid conflict if the people around a victim do not understand the seriousness of the injury.

It is wise to receive proper medical care quickly to avoid unnecessary complications and to ensure that you have strong medical documentation to back up your injury claim.

Protecting your rights and your career

Head injuries occur in many different work environments, and they can seriously impact a victim’s ability to keep their job. If you or someone you love recently suffered a head injury while at work, do not wait to begin building a strong workers’ compensation claim.

Your rights as an individual deserve protection, just like your career. With proper care and patience, you can focus on recovering from your head injury and protecting important relationships in your professional and personal life. Your work and your personal life may suffer from a head injury, but proper care and a strong legal strategy can help keep them secure.