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Children’s disability benefits include the PASS program

Many people in Iowa struggle with disabilities. While many of these individuals are adults who struggle to find a way to make ends meet because they are no longer able to work, some disabled people are children. These individuals, just like their adult counterparts, may be able to qualify for disability benefits. Since these benefits can provide long-term financial relief, it is critical to understand how to obtain and keep them.

Yet, even children who qualify for these benefits may wish to find gainful employment sometime in the future. Multiple government programs exist to help these individuals ease into the workforce without facing financial difficulties due to halted benefits. The Plan to Achieve Self-Support, often referred to as the PASS program, for example, allows an individual to set money aside to further a work-related goal.

So how does it work? To start, a disabled individual identifies items or opportunities that further their goal. This could include school supplies, educational opportunities and training. Although this program is available to most age groups, it can be particularly helpful for disabled children who need assistance obtaining transportation and educational opportunities that will help them be more self-sufficient in the future. The Social Security Administration has people available to work with these disabled individuals on a one-on-one basis so that they can work toward employment and self-sufficiency, all without having their benefits jeopardized.

The disability systems as they relate to adults and children are pretty similar. Yet, many people fail to realize that they can obtain benefits for their disabled children. A child with cerebral palsy, a child with Down’s syndrome, and even a child that has suffered a serious injury may be able to receive extensive financial support in an effort to make their lives easier. The process of pursuing one of these claims may sound pretty straightforward, but it can actually be legally challenging, particularly because many initial claims are denied and require an appeal to be successful. Fortunately, skilled legal professionals stand ready to help guide Iowans throughout the process of obtaining children’s disability benefits.