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Iowa construction company fined for deadly workplace accident

Going to work shouldn’t be a potentially deadly activity. Yet, every day many workers in Iowa find themselves in this position. Sometimes the dangers are inherent to the job in question. In other cases, though, employees fail to provide their employees with a safe work environment.

This may have been the situation for one Iowan who was killed in a workplace accident. The Iowa Occupational Safety and Health Administration has blamed the deceased worker’s employer, Bridge City Construction, claiming that it failed to provide adequate training about hazards at the worksite. These hazards include dangerous conditions overhead as well as ground conditions. The regulatory agency came to this conclusion because the worker was killed when he was pinned between a building beam and the controls of an aerial lift.

Although a proposed fine has been levied against this construction worker, it does nothing for any family members who may have survived this individual. They are likely struggling to cope with the financial realities of their situation during a time when they should simply be focused on remembering their loved one. Fortunately, the workers’ compensation system can pay out death benefits to family members who lose a loved one to an on-the-job accident. When it comes to workers’ compensation benefits, fault doesn’t have to be allocated to the employer. Instead, one must only show that the injury or death in question occurred while performing work-related duties.

As simple as that may sound, there are many instances when workers’ compensation benefits, including death benefits, are denied. To minimize this risk, injured workers and their families need to make sure they understand the law and how to meet the elements necessary to obtain benefits. An attorney who is skilled in this area of the law may prove beneficial.