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How long will one receive workers’ compensation if approved?

Some workplace accidents in Iowa are relatively minor, allowing a worker to get back on the job quickly. Other workers, though, suffer more extensive injuries that require a wide variety of medical treatment and a significant recovery time. The individuals in the latter group often struggle to find financial stability during a time when they are unable to work and they are in need of costly health care. In these circumstances, it becomes even more important for injured workers to competently seek workers’ compensation benefits.

Fortunately, the state provides a table that helps injured workers who qualify for benefits determine how long they can receive benefits while they recover. For example, an individual who loses 100 percent of his ability to use his thumb can receive workers’ compensation benefits for up to 60 weeks. An individual who loses 100 percent of their whole body can receive benefits for 500 weeks. Those who only suffer a portion of loss, such as 25 percent of the use of their thumb, can multiply that percentage by the maximum number of weeks under full disability.

Many kinds of injuries or illnesses can be covered by workers’ compensation. Loss of a limb, loss of hearing and loss of sight are some examples of injuries that may result in the awarding of benefits. However, these injuries must have been suffered or exacerbated by workplace activities.

Applying for and successfully obtaining workers’ compensation benefits sounds easy enough, but the truth of the matter is that the process can be fraught with complications. In fact, many individuals have their initial claims denied. Therefore, it is often advisable for Iowans who have suffered an on-the-job injury to consider working with a professional who is experienced in this area of the law.