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Social Security disability’s work requirements

The sudden onset of an injury or illness can leave an individual in Iowa facing significant life changes. In some instances, a medical condition can leave a person unable to work. This can create serious financial hardship, as lost wages can leave one in a precarious financial position. Without taking action, these individuals may not be able to secure the relief that they need.

Fortunately, those who suffer from a disability may be able to recover compensation through the Social Security disability system. In order to qualify for these benefits, though, an individual must be able to prove certain things. In addition to proving that his or her condition is truly a disability as defined by the federal government, individuals must show that they meet certain work requirements.

In order to qualify for SSD benefits, an individual typically must have 40 work credits. A person can secure four credits per year. Each $1,320 earned counts for one work credit. At least half of these 40 credits must have been earned within the last 10 years for an individual to qualify for SSD benefits. Under some circumstances, such as when a worker is younger, he or she may qualify for benefits with fewer work credits.

Far too many people have their SSD claims denied because they are unable to prove that they meet federal requirements. Therefore, before pursuing a SSD claim, disabled individuals should make sure they have a full understanding of the process and the evidence needed to strengthen their claim as fully as is possible under the circumstances.