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Consider legal help when injured at work

Previously on this blog we discussed repetitive motion injuries and the effect they can have on your ability to work. Unfortunately, these are not the only risks you might face in the workplace. A scaffolding fall, a machinery pinch or crush and exposure to harsh chemicals can all leave you seriously injured and facing significant losses. Amongst these damages are lost wages and medical expenses. You might also need extensive rehabilitation. If your injury or illness keeps you out of work for a period of time, and the injury was suffered at work, then workers’ compensation benefits may be sought.

Recovering these benefits may sound easy enough, but the truth of the matter is that the process for obtaining workers’ compensation benefits in Connecticut can be fraught with legal complications. Because of these challenges, many Iowa residents end up seeing their initial workers’ compensation claims denied, which leaves them without the financial resources they desperately need. There may be several reasons why one’s workers’ compensation claim is rejected. Amongst these reasons are claims that an injury pre-existed a workplace accident, an employee’s own horseplay caused the injury in question and the employee was engaging in a frolic or detour at the time of the injurious incident.

To avoid these types of arguments from derailing your claim, you may want to consider working with a legal professional in Connecticut who understands the workers’ compensation system. It is important to utilize the evidence at hand to not only support your claim, but also to push back against any arguments that could be damaging to your chances of success.

At Schott Mauss & Associates, our team of competent, experienced legal professionals have helped numerous Iowa residents fight for the compensation they need following a workplace injury. Whether it is an initial claim or an appeal of a denied claim, we stand ready to assist with building a strong case so that injured workers know they have a chance of succeeding on their claim under the circumstances at hand.