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Workers’ compensation and rehabilitation benefits

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2018 | Uncategorized

Suffering an injury while on the job can affect every area of your life, not only your employment. The time it takes to recover from the injury and get back into the workplace may be short if you are lucky. However, if your injury is complicated or severe, it may takes months or even years before you regain all the function that your injury took away.

In some cases, an injury may permanently impair you, or injure you in such a way that you may make a strong recovery, but simply cannot return to the job you were working when the injury happened. In instances like these, workers’ compensation typically provides compensation to cover many aspects of retraining so that you can re-enter the workplace, even if you cannot return to exactly the same position.

If a workplace injury takes you out of the game, there are ways to get you back in, but they may require a significant amount of work on your part. Make sure to fully understand your legal strategy for protecting your rights and making the most out of your workers’ compensation claim, especially if you choose to retrain during recovery.

What kind of benefits does retraining include?

Depending on factors like where you live or the industry where you work, retraining can include a wide array of options. Some benefits focus on giving you specific skills to perform a specific job, while others build up your ability to market yourself and seek employment outside of your previous area of work. These benefits may include:

  • Interview coaching
  • Resume building assistance
  • Vocational counseling to understand your strengths and priorities
  • Assessments of the current job market
  • Assessments of wages and wage growth in various industries
  • Assistance with medical case management

These benefits often do not receive much attention initially because the most pressing concerns after injury are usually medical expenses and lost income. However, once recovery gets underway and you have a strong sense of the lasting impact of the injury, it is always wise to look into the rehabilitation options available in your circumstances.

Protect yourself with the law

Workers’ compensation claims are rarely easy to navigate, so it is very important to use all the legal resources you need to make sure that you don’t miss benefits that you deserve. A clear strategy for your recovery can ensure that you re-enter the workplace as soon as you can and fully use all the benefits that you have to recover well, and sooner rather than later.