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Worker injured at Des Moines construction site

Construction work is amongst the most dangerous in our society. These men and women bravely put their safety on the line in order to build the infrastructure we need to advance our economy and overall well-being. In the process, though, they often perform their duties in close proximity to heavy machinery, fast-moving vehicles and excessive heights. Sometimes, despite utilizing safety equipment provided to them, workplace accidents occur that leave these workers seriously injured.

That may be the case for one man who was injured on the job at a Des Moines construction site. Reports indicate that the man was utilizing some sort of drilling apparatus when it kicked back, causing him to suffer injuries. The extent of the man’s harm is unclear at this time, but he was taken the hospital. He apparently was complaining of arm pain at the time.

In addition to the physical pain this individual may suffer, he will likely also have unexpected medical expenses and, if he has to miss work, lost wages. At a time when so many workers are living paycheck-to-paycheck, the disturbance to one’s finances due to a workplace accident can be catastrophic. This is why injured workers need to consider how best to pursue workers’ compensation benefits. If they are successful in doing so, they may be able to recover the payments they need to find financial stability while they focus on their recovery.

Seeking workers’ compensation benefits isn’t always easy. Far too often insurers try to deny claims because of a lack of medical evidence, evidence that the injury preexisted the accident, and proof that the victim was acting outside the scope of his or her employment. Therefore, before initiating an initial claim, or when appealing a denied claim, injured workers should consider speaking with a legal advocate who can help them build a case that has the best possible chance of success given the circumstances at hand.