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The top five most dangerous professions in America

While everyone understands that some professions come with more risk than others, there are certain jobs that you may not consider as a dangerous career. Some of the jobs listed on the Bureau of Labor Statistics‘ list of highest fatal injury rates may just surprise you.

Here are five of the most dangerous jobs, based on fatal worker injury rates:

  1. Logging workers – Climbing up and down trees and working with heavy-duty chainsaws place this profession as the most dangerous in the country.
  2. Commercial fishing – Working against mother nature and the elements can be dangerous, and these workers face that combo every day.
  3. Aircraft pilots – While the number of pilots may not be as high as other workers on this list, their rate of fatal injury is very high.
  4. Roofers – Working at great heights in the hot sun is a recipe for accidents. Unfortunately, roofers don’t have much choice in their working conditions.
  5. Sanitation workers – Spending days around trash compactors and moving machinery creates lots of accident potential.

Many of these occupations have a reputation for being dangerous, but the top ten includes farmers, truck drivers and maintenance workers. Unfortunately, there are no completely safe jobs, but some carry a significantly higher risk than others.

This is just one more thing to take into consideration when you are looking at job opportunities. If you know of someone who has suffered an injury at work, a skilled workers’ compensation attorney can help them get back on their feet.